Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back to School Tips

School has started and your little one is either going back to school, entering school or you are starting to think about school. Well this was our first year at preschool 2 days a week....WOW! What an adjustment it has been. My twin girls are having such a hard time with school. One of the girls Abigail "Abbey" is really started to adjust but my other little one Isabelle "Bella" is having a hard time. So many questions have been going through my mind that it made me stop to think .... Do all mother's feel the same way when they let their little one enter school for the first time. To all the mothers out there I would love some helpful advice, guidance and support. Is two years old to young to send your child to preschool? Is it normal for the little ones to cry and how long should it last? How long do you wait before you decide they are not ready? These are all the questions running through my mind and I am sure the mind of many other parents. We would love to hear back from moms with advice or other questions.

Of course I have to share my most haves for school. My favorite is the snack trap which come in a variety of colors for boys and girls. My other little secret that has come in handy when I forget to pack a drink are the screw on tops for bottled water or juice. Try the take out tote when you have a parent meeting or perfect for a restaurant outing. It includes lots of fun activities to help keep kids occupied. If you child stays at school for nap time you most get the Little Giraffee pillow and blanket set. They are absolute to die for. They are so soft that I love to sleep with them.

As always fashion is at the top of my list. Check out all the Fall Fashions for Girls and Boys they are very trendy, hip and stylish. We concentrated on brining great fashion to baby boys and big boys so you will love the clothes we have found. Check it out you will no longer think the cute clothes are only for girls. Continue to visit us daily because we have added some new clothing lines and shoe lines. We are getting shipments daily.

Happy Shopping!!!!


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